Meeting new people can pose a few challenges because we always want to make a good first impression. We are afraid of being judged by others and want to know what they think of us. Don’t worry too much if you experience some anxiety and uneasiness you experience at first. This is completely normal. Here are some tips to keep in mind for a successful first date.

1. Don’t be late.

Stick to the plans you agreed upon and try your best to be on time. Should you be late in meeting them or have to change your plans, it is best to tell them ahead of time. The worst thing to happen on a first date is to be stood up without any notice. Being late on a first date might also give them the wrong idea, that you weren’t even that interested anyway.

2. Don’t expect too much.

Having too many expectations is a recipe for failure because you’re creating an image of something that does not exist in real life. The first date will not be perfect. It will be filled with occasional awkward silences. You may not even connect as much as you would have hoped. So it is better to lower your expectations and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

3. Keep it simple.

Although you want to impress your date, do not be too flashy and extravagant. Dress appropriately and do not brag about previous accomplishments. A grandiose presentation may turn them off and scare them away. Keeping things simple allows you a more realistic outlook too, to see things as they are.

4. Be true to them and to yourself.

Dating is really not that different from making friends. If you want someone to like you, the best way to do this is to be authentic. Do not lie about important things such as your age, current relationship or backstory. Lying to someone early on in the relationship creates distrust and troubles down the road.

5. Listen.

You can show genuine interest for your date by listening to them. Allow them the time and space to talk by taking turns conversing and asking relevant questions. Listening to your date also implies a sense of understanding and interest, that you care enough to learn more about them.

6. Be okay with discomfort.

The first date might start on the wrong foot or be filled with a couple awkward silences. This is because when we meet someone new, we are hyperaware of our thoughts and behavior, and we don’t know exactly how to act in front of them. Even if you feel awkward, you should still try to act like yourself. Pretend that your date is a friend or someone you already know.

7. Don’t talk about your ex.

You should never bring up exes on a first date. This looks bad on your part because it shows that maybe you haven’t moved on yet and are not ready to be dating people again. Talking about an ex may also intimidate your date, because they might think that they are being compared to a former flame.

8. Smile and keep eye contact.

When meeting for the first time, it is important to smile a lot and maintain eye contact to show interest. Show that you are friendly and are happy to go on a date. Starting off on a good mood may lead to more opportunities for more dates!

What are your tips for first dates?

8 Tips on Surviving Your First Date


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