A “love language” is the way we express and interpret love. While these vary from person to person, there are some common love languages seen in the world. People can identify with more than one of these languages, but generally we lean more heavily towards one over another.

1. Words of Affirmation

The first love language is the most language-based of them all. This loving style is called “Words of Affirmation” and revolves around hearing verbal declarations of love. People who enjoy unsolicited compliments and discussion are usually the people who identify with this love language most strongly. The best way to love someone who identifies this way is through simply saying why you love them! But be careful: insults are the fastest way to break this lover’s heart.

2. Quality Time

Sometimes words aren’t necessary to express love. This love language is for the people who appreciate “Quality Time”. While we all expect our significant others to be there for us, the person who identifies with this love language needs their partner’s devoted attention. Distractions like TV and texting, postponing dates, and not listening are all ways to break this lover’s heart.

3. Receiving Gifts

Of course, there’s always the people who love “Receiving Gifts”. The people who identify with this love language aren’t any more or less materialistic than the others. They appreciate being given the perfect gift or gesture that shows how much they’re loved, cared for, and prized above all else. The gift represents the sacrifice this lover’s partner is willing to make, as well as showing the thoughtfulness and effort they put in.

4. Acts of Service

“Acts of Service” is a love language that can sometimes go overlooked. Less obvious than Receiving Gifts, but more subtle than Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service are anything that’s done to ease the burden of responsibilities weighing on this love language speaker. Saying ‘Let me do that for you’ is the easiest way to sweep this lover off their feet; vacuuming, washing dishes, and making dinner are all considered the height of romance to these people, while laziness and broken commitments break this lover’s heart.

5. Physical Touch

The final love language is “Physical Touch”. You’re most likely already speaking this language with your partner! Hugs, holding hands, back rubs, and thoughtful touches on the arms or face are all signs to this lover that you’re there for them. Nothing is better to this lover than close proximity and physicality. Neglect, distance, and abuse are unforgivable, and nearly impossible for this lover to forgive.

Thank you for reading this article. Which of these points resonate with you?

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