Break ups are hard, there’s no two ways about it. Whether you’re the dumper or the dumpee, going through a period of separation after months or years of romantic bliss can be sad, frustrating, and depressing. Here are some tips to help you move on and get your life back together.

1) Go through it

The only way to really get over a break up is to deal with it. Don’t distract yourself; let yourself feel the emotions one at a time. There will be good times and there will be bad, but the most important thing is to give yourself time. Ask a friend to listen or just to sit with you while you figure things out.

2) Regain your independence

After being the second half of a couple for a while we tend to forget what it feels like to be on our own again. Be your own person! Do whatever you feel like doing! Try thinking about you (and only you!) for a little bit to regain that awesome sense of independence that you lost while being someone’s significant other.

24 Moving On Tips After a Breakup


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