Crushes come and go, but love has a lasting impression on you. The hard part is being able to tell the difference between them. Guys are confusing because they are often afraid of commitment and will do anything to make it seem like there’s nothing serious going on. Here are some signs he doesn’t just see you as a temporary fling but as the person he adores most in the world:

1. He’s constantly thinking of you.

He texts you all the time, wants to see you more, and wants to be around you more. He will find stupid reasons to talk to you or to get you to hang out. This is one of the characteristics of being in love! You want to be around the other person and it never gets boring.

2. He sees you as a positive in his life and accepts your flaws.

He think of you as a good thing in your life, something that impacts him in a positive way and makes his world better. Moreover, he knows your flaws. He knows that you snore at night, that sometimes you get really bitchy, and that one really awful thing you did in middle school. Instead of ignoring these flaws, he accepts them as a part of you.

21 Signs He’s in Love With You


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