I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past couple of years. I’ve realized that taking care of myself is one of the most important things I can do, because if I am the best person I can be, everyone (and society) will benefit. Life is hard sometimes and we like to start that snowballing effect of “why me” and “my life sucks”. These are a few things I’ve learned and absorbed into my daily life to make things a bit easier.

1. Realize that difficult people are not going to change.

As a member of society, we must interact with people on varying levels ranging from casual, passerby interactions to important and meaningful ones. We stumble upon difficult people at school, at work, at the local coffee shop, at the bank, and even at home. Dealing with these people isn’t easy. They can be mean, obnoxious, rude, angry, and it can be frustrating. You see, we cannot change people. We cannot form them into something we deem as better because who are we kidding, we’d never let anyone do the same to us, right? This can be the hardest part, realizing that these people will not change unless they change themselves. And so the only thing left is the way we deal with their behaviour and the way we deal with our reactions and feelings towards the situation/ behaviour. I find it helpful to try to see things from their POV. What if they are acting this way because they were having a tough day? What if something bad happened in their life recently and the remnants just trickled into your interaction with them. Don’t fight back. Just know that you don’t need to take things personally. These rude and obnoxious people aren’t going to change, so try to change your way of dealing with them.

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