Something strange happens to our brains when we fall in love. People who experience extreme attraction to another person notice all sorts of crazy things happening to their minds. It can feel like you’re going insane. It can feel like a drug. It can feel like you’re possessed. But what makes us feel this way? What happens to our minds to make us feel this way? Scientific research has been done to figure out if this concept of love has any real biological evidence behind it, and there have been some surprising, wonderful results. But a scientific explanation of love and attraction kind of takes away from the whole mystique of love and attraction doesn’t it? Is love just a chemical reaction in the brain? Or is it something deeper? A few of the psychological effects of attraction might give us an answer to this question.

1.) Intensified Feelings

One of the most confusing, exhausting and wonderful things about love and attraction is the fact that you experienced heightened emotions. Everything seems either beautiful or tragic- it’s like your emotions are music and someone turned the volume to max. This can either seem like torture or it can be one of the amazing parts of life.

24 Psychological Effects of Attraction